A day of celebration, ‘St. Jordi’ is a very long-standing tradition in Catalonia, when locals fill the streets to honour romance and literature on April 23rd each year. More popular than Valentine’s, It is the day in which romance blossoms, where boys traditionally offer girls a rose, in return for a book, or piece of literature.

Creating their own celebratory experience, Lumine have partnered with two of golf’s most well-renowned authors, Gary Nicol and Karl Morris, and hosted a live webinar to discuss their two books – ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ and ‘The Lost Art of Putting’. Presented by The Jazzy Golfer, one of the industry’s truly inspiring public figures, the webinar took place at the resort’s Instagram channel, where it was streamed live.The discussion centered around a presentation from both Gary and Karl on their careers to date, how the books came about, their relationships with well-known tour pros, as well as a selection of key extracts from the books.

Listeners were invited to ask both Gary and Karl or The Jazzy Golfer, any questions regarding their books or careers to date in a live Q&A session that followed the presentation. Published by the UK’s leading golf magazine, National Club Golfer, the books are available at www.thelostartofgolf.com