Innovation, ecology and productivity, keys in the renewal of machinery of Lumine Golf

The maintenance team of the Lumine Golf field, in Tarragona, is very aware of the need to use machines with the latest technology on the market to offer the highest quality service. For this reason, it has decided to renew its machinery park, work for which it has once again relied on Riversa and the Toro brand. The field has acquired four hybrid units Reelmaster 5010 H for streets, a Groundmaster 3500 for rough and two Greensmaster 3250. In total seven units of Toro machinery that are added to the models that already had, and that will increase productivity and service of the Greenkeepers team.

The premises of its director, Calle Carlsson, and Tomás Agullo, its Head Greenkeeper, when making this renovation were very clear: models that were both productive, innovative and that opted for the reduction of emissions, without forgetting the cost savings Some needs that have been answered with the machinery delivered to the field.

The most outstanding example is the hybrid system of the Reelmaster, which offers significant fuel savings without sacrificing mowing quality. The machine has a mixed combustion engine system and AMG battery kit. The energy of the batteries is redirected when the situation requires it (steep slopes, among other cases) to feed the cutting units, which allows to concentrate the energy of the motor in the traction. In very demanding environments, the batteries have the capacity to power the units and, at the same time, divert part of the energy to the combustion engine. This system allows to maintain the same performance with 20% less fuel consumption compared to the models with a single engine, which also means a reduction in CO2 and decibel emissions.

For greens, precision in finishing is essential. The Greensmaster 3250 incorporates DPA technology (double set point) in its turnstiles, which shorten the adjustment times of each cutting unit and allow the Greenkeeper to easily adjust alignment between the base blade and the reel.

On the other hand, in the wide spaces of the rough, the model Groundmaster 3500 marks the difference with his units of cut Sidewinder, that can move up to 61 cm to the sides to vary the width of cut according to the need. In addition, the special housing of the Sidewinder creates air currents that keep the blade upright, which provides a cleaner cut.

Lumine Golf, property of Mediterranean Beach & Golf Community, is a field of great prestige at European level, located in an environment on the shores of the Mediterranean. Its three 18-hole courses are the work of acclaimed designer Greg Norman. In their work to offer a game of the highest quality, they are very aware of the respect for the environment and sustainability, an effort that was recognized with the first Audubon International Signature Sanctuary certificate delivered in Spain. Its high standards of quality in the practice of golf have made it the venue for numerous events, including Qualifiyng School Final Stage Veneu next November under the supervision of the European Tour.