Award nominations shining over Lumine

A year to forget, and to remember. A year of historic moments, new procedures and services that unexpectedly became the norm. The golf industry has changed, reshaped and adapted and is ready to return.

For many, this period has driven new participation, excitable smiles and a love for a sport which was less active in 2019. The beautiful landscapes and greenery that paint a golf course have provided a safe, and social environment for friends and family to reconnect. Although closed for periods, golf became the paradise within the storm, a place to collect all thoughts and socialise once again.

Set amongst the natural Landscapes of Tarragona, Lumine is preparing for the return of European Travellers, carefully manicuring the golf courses and the surrounding environment. A new excitement is present, an exceptional service awaits, as the appetite for introducing new and existing customers to the resort becomes a reality once again.

World-class facilities, championship golf, modern gastronomy and bespoke leisure experiences combine to present an unrivalled Mediterranean showcase in Tarragona. The sea views have become more powerful, more new-worldly and powerful than ever as consumers search for unique destinations in pockets of culture.

The unrivalled product and service at Lumine has been successfully crowned in recent years, with the title of ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’ being awarded for two consecutive years at the World Golf Awards. It is no surprise, that the team are aiming for new heights this year having once again been nominated for the award.


Home to the European Tour’s Final Qualifying Stage, the two championship courses, as well as a unique nine-hole course, take visitors on a journey, an exploration of Spanish history and regional heritage. One resort, three different golf course layouts, one memorable destination and vacation.

Both 18-hole courses have this year been nominated for ‘Spain’s Best Golf Course’, whilst the Ruins, featuring archaeological Roman remains from the 2nd Century BC, has been shortlisted for the ‘World’s Best Nine Hole Course’.

News of these nominations has heightened the optimism around the resort and brought in positive enquires from travellers seeking a new experience during the summer. Agustin Garcia Pascual, Chief Business Office at Lumine, has suggested that these nominations are just the beginning of a sophisticated new approach…

“Lumine is at the start of a journey, one that we are all thoroughly pleased to be a part of. It is amazing to once again be recognised with these nominations and we hope, with the support of our guests and visitors, the resort will be named Europe’s Best Golf Venue for a third consecutive year”, before commenting, “We have started to welcome several bookings for the year ahead from new customers across Europe. There seems to be a new focus for new experiences and golf courses away from the busy cities and high-footfall courses. This is the perfect start to what will be an important year for everyone associated with the resort”.

In anticipation for the sounds of golfers teeing off once again, the team at Lumine are preparing to showcase a new range of cultural experiences, delivering bespoke trips to all that head for Tarragona. Whether its wine tasting in the local vineyards, Scallop tasting on the Meditterenean or a cycling tour through Olive Plantations, the team at Lumine will take you on your own mini adventure.

2021 will be a new experience with global golf communities searching for a safe and tranquil destination to visit, reuniting the love for friendship and the game of golf once again.

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