The first escape, a return to the fairways

In a world of nuances and unprecedented scenarios, we find ourselves searching the internet to find our next escape, a calming and tranquil environment where 2020 is not an option. We look back on a period where we have experienced extraordinary changes to our daily lifestyles, many which will not be forgotten.

For golfers and non-golfers alike, 2021 provides an opportunity, a route to explore the variety of exciting facilities in Europe and afar, to challenge our behaviours from before and find the perfect destination.

From individual travellers to event organizers, across all sectors of society, one common factor seems to prevail: the belief and the hope that soon we can pack our suitcase again. “It would be lovely to travel again this spring and play golf”, says Frida Bräster, organizer of the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour from the Swedish Golf Federation.

“We are pining for the world to open once again and return to some sort of normality. Being able to conduct our tournaments as planned, with caddies and spectators, is still a distant hope, however we are looking forward to seeing the first tee shot as players compete once again, and we hope to soon be able to return to Lumine”, continues Frida positively stating that 2021 will witness a surge in golf travel and events once again, when it is safe to do so.



Positive enquiries and tour operator news provide optimistic views on 2021, European travel being first on the list of many golfers, as long-haul vacations may take a back seat. Bernie and Lars-Owe Jonsson, recent visitors to Lumine during the pandemic, suggested that their summer is already in planning mode…

“We travelled to Lumine in March, and the trip was significantly impacted by Covid-19, but we really hope to revisit as soon as the virus is gone”, before commenting, “We will always suggest Lumine to our friends, the staff are fantastic, service-minded, truly helpful and caring. We have been so impressed with their commitment in doing everything to please their guests”.

During the first month of 2021 enquires have been unsurprisingly much quieter than any other January, but the interest from international clients is gaining momentum. “We continue to see some booking, most of them currently for the second half of 2021, although the volume is considerably lower than in other years. What we do find interesting is to see that our clients are waiting for the first opportunity to travel, every golfer we speak to seems to be ready to book as soon as there is a real opportunity”, explains Geertje Miedema, Head of Lumine Travel, the dedicated travel agency for the resort.

In full preparation mode, the team at Lumine are expecting to welcome guests back to the fairways, tables, and sun loungers in the coming months. The experience in 2021 will be different, exciting, and memorable, as the resort transforms itself, offering a bespoke experience for all that arrive. Prepare to relax and unwind and let Lumine take care of you.