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Lumine Golf Club is pleased to present the IRON GOLF 2019 tournament. The quintessential resistance tournament at an area of natural interest that surrounds Lumine Golf Club.

The tournament is played in the 3 fields of Lumine throughout the day of Saturday, August 17th, 2019 using the Stableford Individual scoring system. IRON GOLF is a resistance tournament, which consists of playing on the same day the 45 holes of Lumine Golf Club, the fields that will be played are the following, the Lakes and Hills 18-hole course and the Ruins field of 9.

The tournament usualy starts at 7:30 am. but the exact time will be announced to the players personally.

The tournament has important prizes for the winners in each category facilitated by the sponsors of the event (still to be confirmed).

Inscription Price: Member: 65€ | Non member: 100€
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