Interview with Anna Cañadó

As we approach the end of a year so different in too many ways, we review 2020 with a young and hopeful look at the future. Anna Cañadó, arguably Lumine’s most promising alumni, is one of Europe’s greatest golf promises at the young age of 14. We sat down with Anna to take a look into how her past year has been and to learn a little bit more about this young golfer and her plans for the future.


How old were you when you started playing golf? What led you to the game?

I started when I was 4 or 5 years old, but I didn’t compete until I was about 7 or 8. My older sister played and when I watched her I wanted to do the same. At that age, I started coming to Lumine and what struck me the most was the Lakes practice area. The facility is so good, it’s great to practice here. Also, I have very good memories of those early years, especially on the summer camps, when we went to the beach club. There was a great atmosphere and I had a really great time.


Have you been able to compete during 2020?

At the beginning of the year I played three tournaments in the south of Spain and during the summer I competed in the Spanish Championship and that’s it. It’s a shame, because I love to compete. I can’t wait to get back to competition and, if possible, start off with the Andalusia Cup in January.


How did you get through the lockdown?

I am lucky to have a large garden and I was able to continue to work every day. In the mornings I attended my school classes remotely and every afternoon I would hit balls for one hour, another full hour of putting, some approach work and a bit of physical training. And that was every single day. I live in Barcelona, ​​but on weekends I always play and train at Lumine. And as soon as it was possible to go outside, I went straight to Lumine and found the golf courses in a spectacular shape. Simply beautiful.

Have you seen this year as an opportunity to improve some technical points of your game?

Before confinement, we could say that the weakness in my game was the putting. I’ve been working on it a lot this year, since I had the time to do so, and when the quarantine was over I noticed a great improvement. However, I felt a step back in other aspects of my game such as driving, not being able to practice this part of the game at home, it took me a few weeks to get back in shape.


How did you train your putting from home?

I trained following a Spanish Federation program and worked on my technique with mirror exercises and competition situations with different distances and shapes to simulate those scenarios. The key is to dedicate a little bit of time every day and, trust me, it shows. Regularity is what helped me the most.


Who is your favorite player?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tiger Woods, the way he competes, how he holds onto the course… I really enjoy watching him play. I also love Lexi Thompson. She seems to me like a player who, apart from her powerful drive and her good game, has a great attitude towards the public. I had the opportunity to meet her and she was very warm and nice with us.


What do you think about Lumine becoming the first Spanish club to join The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter?

This is very important news. I think it is really necessary to level up so many things between female and male golf. For example, I find the difference in media coverage on the two circuits very upsetting. Sponsorships are not the same at all, and initiatives like R&A can help a lot in that regard.

What is your favorite course at Lumine?

I started playing Ruins, the 9-hole course, and at the time it seemed very difficult, really. Hills is a great course, very challenging, which does not allow you to deviate your shot, it demands a straighter game. But I actually prefer to play at Lakes, a more open course. I enjoy it a lot, especially since last year I won the Spanish Junior Championship there. It brings back very good memories. It was an unforgettable experience. I was very comfortable with my game and everything went smoothly, I started with a poor first day but came back to finish with a total of -1.


What is your favorite hole in Lumine?

I like challenging holes and at Lumine there are several. One that has particularly impressed me is the 16th hole on Lakes, a very long par 5 with a large lake to the left and a well-protected green.. And the 18th, of course, for all the good memories of the Spanish Championship. And on Hills I really like the3rd hole, it’s a downhill par-3 with a volcano-shaped green. It is a beautiful hole and a very good par 3.


What are your expectations for 2021?

As a golfer, I want to improve my drive and putt, try to be consistent in every tournament that I play, do my best and try to win a tournament if I can. I hope to have a good year and be able to go to the Solheim Junior Cup that takes place in the USA in September. I have been shortlisted along with other European players by Annika Sörenstam and I feel that a good year would help me to be among the chosen ones.


You are a +5 handicap, the number 2 in Europe (for your category??), what are your ambitions for the future?

Well, actually I am +3.7 with the new handicap system. I would like to study in the United States and try to dedicate myself to golf at a professional level. But most of all I dream of winning the Evian Championship. It is a course where I have played and I fell in love with it. Even if it is just having the opportunity to play it in a competition, that would make me very happy.