Golf is only the beginning


An unforgettable round of golf is one that combines a series of key ingredients: a unique setting, an interesting challenge, the perfect course and weather conditions and great company. An unforgettable golf holiday on the other hand, requires everything we have listed before and lot more. From the moment of booking to your safe return home everything is a part of that experience. And during your stay, while you spend 5 hours around the golf course, there are enough hours in the day to make it an outstanding experience.

Situated at the heart of the Costa Daurada, Spain’s ‘Golden Coast’, Lumine is surrounded by a region steeped in history, with stunning mountain ranges and white sandy beaches. A perfect combination for everyone to meet their needs, from families looking for a short holiday break to golfers seeking an exquisite cultural and gastronomic experience beyond golf. We have prepared a guide with 5 things you must do while visiting the area.

Roman Tarragona

We begin our tour at the beautiful city of Tarragona at only 15 minutes by car from Lumine. In this effervescent port city, Roman history contrasts with deep blue of the Mediterranean sea, while bars and a very rich food scene colours the atmosphere with that delicious grilled seafood smell.

It is renowned for being the second capital of the Roman Empire, and still boasts ancient ruins along its scenic seafront. As you make your way through Roman Tarragona, you will visit, amongst other things, the Roman archaeological complex of Tarraco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tarragona also has significant monuments from its medieval past, the Cathedral being the most prominent. You might find yourself sipping a drink on a terrace just above the Roman Circus arena where the chariots used to race, or you could be dining at a restaurant surrounded by more than 2,000 years of history. As well as its historical significance, the city also offers visitors everything from secular festivals and outstanding cuisine, to fully-equipped beaches, an array of leisure activities and endless shopping opportunities. Tarragona is a real treasure that stimulates the senses.

Reus, the home of Gaudí and Vermouth

“To do things right, first you need love, then technique”, said Antoni Gaudí, the most international of Catalan architects. Reus, our second stop, classifies, after Barcelona, as the Catalan city with the most modernist buildings. Only 20 minutes away from Lumine, its picturesque town center gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a “vermouth” – a drink who’s origin many place in this city – while relaxing in a small terrace surrounded by numerous local boutiques. Finish your tour with a visit to Casa Navás, with its spectacular modernist furniture, and unique details both inside and on the facade.

DO Priorat

If you are up for a slightly longer drive, your palate will thank you for live. Between the plain of Tarragona and the lands around the Ebro, hidden behind the coastal mountains of southern Catalonia and only 40 minutes from Lumine, we will find our next stop. Discover: Priorat; a region the inhabitants of which claim that must be discovered at a slow pace. And they are not mistaken. As most wise people know, here small things become great.

The name Priorat has always been associated with wine. And the two local wine DOs (denomination guaranteeing the origin), DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant, tell us fundamental things about the history and character of the area. The care for traditional crops, the respect for the mountains and the great landscapes of the Montsant Natural Park, have made this an area that surrenders to the concept of sustainability and is admired by its neighboring territories. The motto is very clear: only when you really love something can you take care of it. This is put to practice every day by its people, who live mostly from the vineyard, the olive tree, the hazelnut and the almond tree. Let yourself go, take an exploratory walk, with no direction in mind, and you will discover the most incredible things that don’t appear in any guides. Family wineries, small hermitages or even abandoned castles.

The fishtown of Cambrils

And finally, closing the circle and this tour, the fishing town of Cambrils will welcome us as the final stop. With its mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful coastline, Cambrils is an ideal destination for families. The charming town is considered the gastronomic capital of the area and has an incredible restaurant scene offering a variety of fresh dishes from the sea and land. There is also a vast choice of sporting activities on offer, from sailing to cycling.

Lumine Beach club

Last but not least, after nourishing your body and soul with all that this land has to offer, why not taking care of your inner self at the Lumine Beach Club? Let the clock come to a standstill and allow your mind and body to blend with the soft sound of the waves over the golden sand…your feet quietly tip-toeing in the water of the cristal clear infinity pool, where the horizon meets the Mediterranean sea. Allow your palate to wake up to the smell of the local gastronomy being carefully prepared for you at our sea side restaurant. And don’t forget that this is only the beginning, you have all day ahead of you, and the only duty on your schedule is to soak in the moment, and make it yours.