Award nominations shining over Lumine

A year to forget, and to remember. A year of historic moments, new procedures and services that unexpectedly became the norm. The golf industry has changed, reshaped and adapted and is ready to return.

For many, this period has driven new participation, excitable smiles and a love for a sport which was less active in 2019. The beautiful landscapes and greenery that paint a golf course have provided a safe, and social environment for friends and family to reconnect. Although closed for periods, golf became the paradise within the storm, a place to collect all thoughts and socialise once again.

Set amongst the natural Landscapes of Tarragona, Lumine is preparing for the return of European Travellers, carefully manicuring the golf courses and the surrounding environment. A new excitement is present, an exceptional service awaits, as the appetite for introducing new and existing customers to the resort becomes a reality once again.

World-class facilities, championship golf, modern gastronomy and bespoke leisure experiences combine to present an unrivalled Mediterranean showcase in Tarragona. The sea views have become more powerful, more new-worldly and powerful than ever as consumers search for unique destinations in pockets of culture.

The unrivalled product and service at Lumine has been successfully crowned in recent years, with the title of ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’ being awarded for two consecutive years at the World Golf Awards. It is no surprise, that the team are aiming for new heights this year having once again been nominated for the award.


Home to the European Tour’s Final Qualifying Stage, the two championship courses, as well as a unique nine-hole course, take visitors on a journey, an exploration of Spanish history and regional heritage. One resort, three different golf course layouts, one memorable destination and vacation.

Both 18-hole courses have this year been nominated for ‘Spain’s Best Golf Course’, whilst the Ruins, featuring archaeological Roman remains from the 2nd Century BC, has been shortlisted for the ‘World’s Best Nine Hole Course’.

News of these nominations has heightened the optimism around the resort and brought in positive enquires from travellers seeking a new experience during the summer. Agustin Garcia Pascual, Chief Business Office at Lumine, has suggested that these nominations are just the beginning of a sophisticated new approach…

“Lumine is at the start of a journey, one that we are all thoroughly pleased to be a part of. It is amazing to once again be recognised with these nominations and we hope, with the support of our guests and visitors, the resort will be named Europe’s Best Golf Venue for a third consecutive year”, before commenting, “We have started to welcome several bookings for the year ahead from new customers across Europe. There seems to be a new focus for new experiences and golf courses away from the busy cities and high-footfall courses. This is the perfect start to what will be an important year for everyone associated with the resort”.

In anticipation for the sounds of golfers teeing off once again, the team at Lumine are preparing to showcase a new range of cultural experiences, delivering bespoke trips to all that head for Tarragona. Whether its wine tasting in the local vineyards, Scallop tasting on the Meditterenean or a cycling tour through Olive Plantations, the team at Lumine will take you on your own mini adventure.

2021 will be a new experience with global golf communities searching for a safe and tranquil destination to visit, reuniting the love for friendship and the game of golf once again.

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Golf is only the beginning



Golf is only the beginning


An unforgettable round of golf is one that combines a series of key ingredients: a unique setting, an interesting challenge, the perfect course and weather conditions and great company. An unforgettable golf holiday on the other hand, requires everything we have listed before and lot more. From the moment of booking to your safe return home everything is a part of that experience. And during your stay, while you spend 5 hours around the golf course, there are enough hours in the day to make it an outstanding experience.

Situated at the heart of the Costa Daurada, Spain’s ‘Golden Coast’, Lumine is surrounded by a region steeped in history, with stunning mountain ranges and white sandy beaches. A perfect combination for everyone to meet their needs, from families looking for a short holiday break to golfers seeking an exquisite cultural and gastronomic experience beyond golf. We have prepared a guide with 5 things you must do while visiting the area.

Roman Tarragona

We begin our tour at the beautiful city of Tarragona at only 15 minutes by car from Lumine. In this effervescent port city, Roman history contrasts with deep blue of the Mediterranean sea, while bars and a very rich food scene colours the atmosphere with that delicious grilled seafood smell.

It is renowned for being the second capital of the Roman Empire, and still boasts ancient ruins along its scenic seafront. As you make your way through Roman Tarragona, you will visit, amongst other things, the Roman archaeological complex of Tarraco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tarragona also has significant monuments from its medieval past, the Cathedral being the most prominent. You might find yourself sipping a drink on a terrace just above the Roman Circus arena where the chariots used to race, or you could be dining at a restaurant surrounded by more than 2,000 years of history. As well as its historical significance, the city also offers visitors everything from secular festivals and outstanding cuisine, to fully-equipped beaches, an array of leisure activities and endless shopping opportunities. Tarragona is a real treasure that stimulates the senses.

Reus, the home of Gaudí and Vermouth

“To do things right, first you need love, then technique”, said Antoni Gaudí, the most international of Catalan architects. Reus, our second stop, classifies, after Barcelona, as the Catalan city with the most modernist buildings. Only 20 minutes away from Lumine, its picturesque town center gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a “vermouth” – a drink who’s origin many place in this city – while relaxing in a small terrace surrounded by numerous local boutiques. Finish your tour with a visit to Casa Navás, with its spectacular modernist furniture, and unique details both inside and on the facade.

DO Priorat

If you are up for a slightly longer drive, your palate will thank you for live. Between the plain of Tarragona and the lands around the Ebro, hidden behind the coastal mountains of southern Catalonia and only 40 minutes from Lumine, we will find our next stop. Discover: Priorat; a region the inhabitants of which claim that must be discovered at a slow pace. And they are not mistaken. As most wise people know, here small things become great.

The name Priorat has always been associated with wine. And the two local wine DOs (denomination guaranteeing the origin), DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant, tell us fundamental things about the history and character of the area. The care for traditional crops, the respect for the mountains and the great landscapes of the Montsant Natural Park, have made this an area that surrenders to the concept of sustainability and is admired by its neighboring territories. The motto is very clear: only when you really love something can you take care of it. This is put to practice every day by its people, who live mostly from the vineyard, the olive tree, the hazelnut and the almond tree. Let yourself go, take an exploratory walk, with no direction in mind, and you will discover the most incredible things that don’t appear in any guides. Family wineries, small hermitages or even abandoned castles.

The fishtown of Cambrils

And finally, closing the circle and this tour, the fishing town of Cambrils will welcome us as the final stop. With its mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful coastline, Cambrils is an ideal destination for families. The charming town is considered the gastronomic capital of the area and has an incredible restaurant scene offering a variety of fresh dishes from the sea and land. There is also a vast choice of sporting activities on offer, from sailing to cycling.

Lumine Beach club

Last but not least, after nourishing your body and soul with all that this land has to offer, why not taking care of your inner self at the Lumine Beach Club? Let the clock come to a standstill and allow your mind and body to blend with the soft sound of the waves over the golden sand…your feet quietly tip-toeing in the water of the cristal clear infinity pool, where the horizon meets the Mediterranean sea. Allow your palate to wake up to the smell of the local gastronomy being carefully prepared for you at our sea side restaurant. And don’t forget that this is only the beginning, you have all day ahead of you, and the only duty on your schedule is to soak in the moment, and make it yours.

The first escape, a return to the fairways

In a world of nuances and unprecedented scenarios, we find ourselves searching the internet to find our next escape, a calming and tranquil environment where 2020 is not an option. We look back on a period where we have experienced extraordinary changes to our daily lifestyles, many which will not be forgotten.

For golfers and non-golfers alike, 2021 provides an opportunity, a route to explore the variety of exciting facilities in Europe and afar, to challenge our behaviours from before and find the perfect destination.

From individual travellers to event organizers, across all sectors of society, one common factor seems to prevail: the belief and the hope that soon we can pack our suitcase again. “It would be lovely to travel again this spring and play golf”, says Frida Bräster, organizer of the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour from the Swedish Golf Federation.

“We are pining for the world to open once again and return to some sort of normality. Being able to conduct our tournaments as planned, with caddies and spectators, is still a distant hope, however we are looking forward to seeing the first tee shot as players compete once again, and we hope to soon be able to return to Lumine”, continues Frida positively stating that 2021 will witness a surge in golf travel and events once again, when it is safe to do so.



Positive enquiries and tour operator news provide optimistic views on 2021, European travel being first on the list of many golfers, as long-haul vacations may take a back seat. Bernie and Lars-Owe Jonsson, recent visitors to Lumine during the pandemic, suggested that their summer is already in planning mode…

“We travelled to Lumine in March, and the trip was significantly impacted by Covid-19, but we really hope to revisit as soon as the virus is gone”, before commenting, “We will always suggest Lumine to our friends, the staff are fantastic, service-minded, truly helpful and caring. We have been so impressed with their commitment in doing everything to please their guests”.

During the first month of 2021 enquires have been unsurprisingly much quieter than any other January, but the interest from international clients is gaining momentum. “We continue to see some booking, most of them currently for the second half of 2021, although the volume is considerably lower than in other years. What we do find interesting is to see that our clients are waiting for the first opportunity to travel, every golfer we speak to seems to be ready to book as soon as there is a real opportunity”, explains Geertje Miedema, Head of Lumine Travel, the dedicated travel agency for the resort.

In full preparation mode, the team at Lumine are expecting to welcome guests back to the fairways, tables, and sun loungers in the coming months. The experience in 2021 will be different, exciting, and memorable, as the resort transforms itself, offering a bespoke experience for all that arrive. Prepare to relax and unwind and let Lumine take care of you.

Interview with Anna Cañadó

As we approach the end of a year so different in too many ways, we review 2020 with a young and hopeful look at the future. Anna Cañadó, arguably Lumine’s most promising alumni, is one of Europe’s greatest golf promises at the young age of 14. We sat down with Anna to take a look into how her past year has been and to learn a little bit more about this young golfer and her plans for the future.


How old were you when you started playing golf? What led you to the game?

I started when I was 4 or 5 years old, but I didn't compete until I was about 7 or 8. My older sister played and when I watched her I wanted to do the same. At that age, I started coming to Lumine and what struck me the most was the Lakes practice area. The facility is so good, it's great to practice here. Also, I have very good memories of those early years, especially on the summer camps, when we went to the beach club. There was a great atmosphere and I had a really great time.


Have you been able to compete during 2020?

At the beginning of the year I played three tournaments in the south of Spain and during the summer I competed in the Spanish Championship and that’s it. It's a shame, because I love to compete. I can’t wait to get back to competition and, if possible, start off with the Andalusia Cup in January.


How did you get through the lockdown?

I am lucky to have a large garden and I was able to continue to work every day. In the mornings I attended my school classes remotely and every afternoon I would hit balls for one hour, another full hour of putting, some approach work and a bit of physical training. And that was every single day. I live in Barcelona, ​​but on weekends I always play and train at Lumine. And as soon as it was possible to go outside, I went straight to Lumine and found the golf courses in a spectacular shape. Simply beautiful.

Have you seen this year as an opportunity to improve some technical points of your game?

Before confinement, we could say that the weakness in my game was the putting. I've been working on it a lot this year, since I had the time to do so, and when the quarantine was over I noticed a great improvement. However, I felt a step back in other aspects of my game such as driving, not being able to practice this part of the game at home, it took me a few weeks to get back in shape.


How did you train your putting from home?

I trained following a Spanish Federation program and worked on my technique with mirror exercises and competition situations with different distances and shapes to simulate those scenarios. The key is to dedicate a little bit of time every day and, trust me, it shows. Regularity is what helped me the most.


Who is your favorite player?

I've always been a huge fan of Tiger Woods, the way he competes, how he holds onto the course... I really enjoy watching him play. I also love Lexi Thompson. She seems to me like a player who, apart from her powerful drive and her good game, has a great attitude towards the public. I had the opportunity to meet her and she was very warm and nice with us.


What do you think about Lumine becoming the first Spanish club to join The R&A's Women in Golf Charter?

This is very important news. I think it is really necessary to level up so many things between female and male golf. For example, I find the difference in media coverage on the two circuits very upsetting. Sponsorships are not the same at all, and initiatives like R&A can help a lot in that regard.

What is your favorite course at Lumine?

I started playing Ruins, the 9-hole course, and at the time it seemed very difficult, really. Hills is a great course, very challenging, which does not allow you to deviate your shot, it demands a straighter game. But I actually prefer to play at Lakes, a more open course. I enjoy it a lot, especially since last year I won the Spanish Junior Championship there. It brings back very good memories. It was an unforgettable experience. I was very comfortable with my game and everything went smoothly, I started with a poor first day but came back to finish with a total of -1.


What is your favorite hole in Lumine?

I like challenging holes and at Lumine there are several. One that has particularly impressed me is the 16th hole on Lakes, a very long par 5 with a large lake to the left and a well-protected green.. And the 18th, of course, for all the good memories of the Spanish Championship. And on Hills I really like the3rd hole, it’s a downhill par-3 with a volcano-shaped green. It is a beautiful hole and a very good par 3.


What are your expectations for 2021?

As a golfer, I want to improve my drive and putt, try to be consistent in every tournament that I play, do my best and try to win a tournament if I can. I hope to have a good year and be able to go to the Solheim Junior Cup that takes place in the USA in September. I have been shortlisted along with other European players by Annika Sörenstam and I feel that a good year would help me to be among the chosen ones.


You are a +5 handicap, the number 2 in Europe (for your category??), what are your ambitions for the future?

Well, actually I am +3.7 with the new handicap system. I would like to study in the United States and try to dedicate myself to golf at a professional level. But most of all I dream of winning the Evian Championship. It is a course where I have played and I fell in love with it. Even if it is just having the opportunity to play it in a competition, that would make me very happy.

With no Q-School finals happening this year, we have decided to take a look back at some past winners’ careers…

With no fewer than six Lumine Alumni being crowned champions during the 2020 season, we look through a host of success stories from players that have made their way to the European tour right here, on our courses.

November often symbolizes an exciting time of year, a period in the golfing calendar where the next generation of talent arrive in Costa Daurada, with their dreams and ambitions potentially just a few rounds away.

Reaching the European Tour is the ultimate goal for many young golfing professionals, and the top 25 players (and tied) at the Q-School Finals will have their journey to the top defined by their ability to unlock the secrets of two exceptional golf courses at Lumine Golf Club: Lakes and Hills.


Sam Horsfield

With a number of players competing over 252 holes, three stages, and two or three countries over a period of three months, there is nothing quite comparable in the game.

Having hosted the European Tour’s Q-School Final Stage since 2017, Lumine were delighted to have signed a new three-year contract as the host venue back in March. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic following shortly afterwards, the decision was made earlier this year to postpone Q-School until 2021.

Whilst the Tour paused its regular season before kickstarting again in July, there have been some exceptional performances in 2020 from previous Q-School winners and those who have qualified over the past few years. The challenge presented by Lumine, during the gruelling final stages, evidently helps to shape a golfers mentality and ability to close out tournaments when it really matters.

The season so far has had a whole host of Lumine Alumni shine through, with no fewer than SIX Champions crowned through the disrupted season. Sami Valimaki, Marc Warren, Rasmus Hojgaard, Sam Horsfield, Romain Langasque and Ross McGowan have all battled it out in various countries, with Rasmus and Sam collecting two trophies along the way.

One mistake and that could be it over for you. It is once a year and you have to perform that week even if you lose confidence. It is one of the most emotional and hardest weeks I’ve ever played.
Guido Migliozzi

However, the storylines do not stop there….

American, John Catlin, who missed out on qualification at last year’s Q-School finishing in 52nd place, has also won twice this season on two of the hardest golf courses on tour at the Estrella Damm N.A Andalucía Masters and Dubai Duty Free Irish Open in September.

Q-School can often make or break a players’ career, and one talented golfer, from the names above, has flourished and risen through the world rankings since qualifying in 2019. Rasmus Hojgaard, broke onto the scene just one month after qualifying at Lumine, beating Renato Paratore and Antoine Rozner in a PLAY OFF, securing his first win at the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open. The young Danish superstar has since followed up by winning the ISPS Handa UK Championship at The Belfry, finishing top of the podium during the Order of Merit UK Swing (a six-event swing across five courses). He now finds himself in 10th place in the European Tour’s Race to Dubai with just a handful of events remaining.

Although this exceptional maiden season has been documented globally, his extraordinary performance in his final five rounds of Q-School has not been. Having carded a one over par 73 in his first round (4 over after 9), and sitting in 106th place, it looked like the challenge presented by Lumine could be too great for Hojgaard. However, in one of the finest performances ever displayed at Q-School, he went onto shoot four of his last five rounds in sub 70, including 12 birdies in his final two rounds, to propel himself up the leaderboard and finish in 5th place on 16 under par.


Romain Langasque

I always looked at all these events as opportunities to learn and felt comfortable and confident that I could secure my tour card at Lumine” said Hojgaard when asked about his Q-School experience. “I was playing solid golf, but it was just one hole that cost me 5-shots in my opening round. With the cut being after four rounds, I knew I had plenty of time to recover.”

“The challenge presented at Lumine during Q-School has been very important in my pathway to winning on the European Tour. It taught me to stay patient and that I had the resilience to build a score and handle the pressure, both physically and mentally, during an extremely tiring week” said Hojgaard when questioned about how Q-School helped him prepare for life of the European Tour.

Hojgaard is not the only player to secure a tour title after nearly falling foul of the challenge presented at Europe’s Best Golf Venue. Thailand’s Jazz Janewattananond, who made his Masters debut at Augusta National earlier this month and won the prestigious SMBC Singapore Open on the Asian Tour in 2019, miraculously chipped in for eagle at the final hole of the 2017 Q-School Finals to earn himself a European Tour card by finishing in 25th place.

In the same year as Jazz Janewattananond’s remarkable feat, Sam Horsfield truly excelled at Lumine. He secured an eight-shot victory over the rest of the field to claim his European Tour card, one of the best displays in the event’s history. Although he won Q-School at a canter, success on the tour did not come immediately for Horsfield. Despite having an quiet first year in 2018, he bounced back by making the cut in 17 of the 22 tournaments he played in 2019, before securing his first and second victories on the European Tour in a matter of weeks at this year’s Celtic Classic and Hero Open during the UK Swing. Demonstrating his clear ability to transfer his learnings from his Q-School victory onto the biggest stage, Sam has been globally communicated as a future star, and supported by good friend and mentor Ian Poulter.

It is not always the top 5 performers from Q-School who shine the best on Tour, and another of Europe’s rising stars is Guido Migliozzi, a classy Italian. Now a household name, Migliozzi secured his place in 2018 by finishing 15th on 18 under par during the final stages. His performances since have been incredibly consistent catching the eye in big tournaments, such as the Oman Open, won by fellow Lumine Alumni Sami Valimaki, before securing two victories in 2019, the Kenya Open and the Belgian Knockout.


Guido Migliozzi

The final stage of Q-School is very tough. It is a mixture of pressure and self-control as you need to stay focused for all six rounds. One mistake and that could be it over for you. It is once a year and you have to perform that week even if you lose confidence. It is one of the most emotional and hardest weeks I’ve ever played.” 

“Lumine is a great test for players who want to make it onto the European Tour. My favourite course has to be the Hills. It is a good design with a number of driveable par 4s on offer which is great because,  especially in a format like Q-School, you have the chance to really attack by trying to drive them” said Migliozzi when asked on his thoughts about the set-up of the courses at Lumine.

It is not only young up-and-coming players that have used Q-School at Lumine to maximise their career opportunities. Marc Warren and Ross McGowan, who both respectively secured their European Tour cards at Lumine in 2017 and 2018, have impressively revived their careers by adding more trophies to their cabinets, after golf resumed during the summer. Warren, who had managed his previous victory at the Made in Denmark Tournament in 2014, won the first competition back in 2020 at the Austrian Open by making birdie on the 17th in the last round, all whilst carrying his own bag.

McGowan, in a similar manner has used qualification to regather confidence and project his career. Victory on the Challenge Tour in 2019 at the D+D Real Czech Challenge showed he could compete for wins again and has since been able to transfer this form onto the European Tour by winning last month at the Italian Open, more than 11 years after his maiden win at the Madrid Masters.


The challenge presented at Lumine during Q-School has been very important in my pathway to winning on the European Tour. It taught me to stay patient and that I had the resilience to build a score and handle the pressure, both physically and mentally, during an extremely tiring week
Rasmus Hojgaard


Each and every one of these fascinating stories showcase a common denominator - patience and resilience needed to succeed at the highest level of European golf learned through the gruelling final stages at Lumine. Offering 45 spectacular golf holes across three golf courses, Lumine is the perfect place for Q-School as it provides the perfect balance between challenge and reward, allowing players the opportunity to strategically plot their way around six final rounds of golf, you cannot win a tournament after round 1, but you can certainly lose it.

The resort’s commitment to the event has become even more evident since this year’s edition was postponed.  As part of their development strategy, that includes growing the game for amateur players and helping to facilitate their dreams of reaching the European Tour, Lumine expressed their willingness to connect with other national bodies across Europe by partnering with the Swiss Golf Association, becoming the country’s national team winter training base for three months in 2021.

With state-of-the-art training facilities, Lumine is the ideal setting to develop young talent. One player who’s career has progressed a great deal in recent times since playing at Lumine is Swiss Golfer Kim Metraux, who along with her sister Morgane has used the venue as her own personal winter training base in the past. She is now a regular on the Ladies European Tour, finishing T3rd earlier this year at the Swiss Open.

In the three years since Lumine started hosting the European Tour’s Q-School Final Stage a number of exciting and talent players have been unearthed, whilst other players have used the event to rediscover the form that has enabled them to win on Europe’s biggest stage once again.

Q-School is a fundamental building block to a whole host of professional golfers, with exciting memories and magical moments captured during a competitive and emotional tournament. Lumine cannot wait to welcome new golfers from all around the world back in 2021 and battle it out for a spot on the European Tour. But until then, stay safe, and keep practicing.

Lumine named Europe’s Best Golf Venue for second consecutive year

Lumine has been named ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’ for the second year in-a-row at the World Golf Awards. Voted for by leading golf tourism professionals as well as thousands of golf consumers worldwide, the World Golf Awards serves to recognise and celebrate commitment to excellence in golf tourism.

As host venue for the European Tour Final Qualifying Stage since 2017, Lumine has welcomed the next generation of talent from across the world, and will continue to do so until 2022, having singed a new three-year extension at the beginning of 2020; which is further proof of the high regard Lumine is held in across the industry.

Lumine is without a doubt one of the most exciting golfing destinations in Europe, offering one of the most exclusive on and off the golf courses experiences; boasting an unrivalled beach club with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, two state-of-the-art clubhouses, five outstanding restaurants, first-class practice facilities including Toptracer, and direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast.

On the courses, its 45 holes present the perfect blend of challenge and reward. With two courses designed by World Golf Hall of Famer Greg Norman, Lakes is a technically challenging 6,300-metre, par-71 golf course and Ruins is a nine-hole layout built alongside Roman archaeological remains from the second century BC.

The Hills course completes the line-up, offering a 6,334-metre par-72 course in sharp contrast to the Lakes, with its incredible coastal views, set amongst leafy woods and olive plantations.

Agustin Garcia, Chief Business Officer, Lumine Golf Club, said: “We are honoured to be recognised by World Golf Awards. We would like to thank the public and the industry’s leading professionals for displaying this accolade upon us for the second consecutive year. It has been a difficult year for everyone in the industry, but over the last 12 months we have worked collectively at Lumine to retain this award. We are looking forward to welcoming more international visitors back to the club in 2021 and being able to properly showcase our state-of-the-art facilities.

“Without the hard-work and dedication of all our staff, we would not have been able to provide a first-class service to all our guests. This award is testament to all the sacrifices they have made throughout the last year, and our goal is now to improve and look to offer a complete golf experience for every guest; giving us the best chance of winning the award for the third year in a row next year.”

Andy Gordon, Head of Golf, Lumine Golf Club, further commented “Winning this award two years in a row is nothing short of amazing. We are very proud to have been chosen again and would like to thank everyone who put their faith in Lumine for voting. As a club, we pride ourselves on offering the best facilities and services in the region, with our two championship courses, as well as numerous off course restaurants and beach club for guests to enjoy. We are extremely excited to welcome international visitors and the European Tour’s Q-School back to Lumine in 2021.”

Earlier this year, the club agreed a partnership with the Swiss Golf Association to become the winter training base for the country’s national amateur and professional golf teams; again demonstrating how highly rated the facilities at Lumine are seen to be.

They also marked Women’s Golf Day by becoming the first golf club in Spain to pledge its support to The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter; committing to increase female membership at the club by 50% and introduce the game of golf to up to 100 females over the next few years.

Lumine Golf Club awarded Global Safe Site Certification by Bureau Veritas

-Europe’s Best Golf Club has been recognised for its commitment to strengthening security measures following the COVID-19 pandemic-

Costa Daurada, October 22, 2020: Lumine Golf Club has obtained the Global Safe Site Certification for its commitment to reinforce the security measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, for its activities carried out in the sport, hospitality, catering, and commerce sector.

The certification has been created by Bureau Veritas; a world leader in verification, inspection and certification; and covers three main areas of action of the sector: people, processes and facilities.

With this recognition, Lumine Golf Club has demonstrated that it complies with all the regulations and recommendations outlined by the relevant health authorities, as well as going above and beyond the measures required by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health.

The main goal of the certification is to help golf clubs face the challenges presented to them in the face of the pandemic, reducing risks to a minimum and enabling them to work safely. It is granted to establishments that meet the relevant requirements by supporting the monitoring of disinfection and cleaning protocols, as well as the implementation of all the necessary security measures in the fight against Covid-19.

Bureau Veritas also provides an e-learning and Virtual Classroom training service, for workers, in new safety and hygiene measures, in accordance with legislation and with the various recommendations of authorized health authorities.

Agustin GarciaChief Business Officer at Lumine Golf Club said: “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this Global Safe Site Certification by Bureau Veritas. Throughout the pandemic, the health and safety of all our members, guests and staff has been our number one priority and we have worked hard to make sure the relevant measures are in place around the resort and the golf club. As always, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and implement any measures that we deem necessary in order to upholding the high standards of hygiene and safety within the resort.”

Lumine Golf Club is without a doubt one of the most Europe’s most fulfilling destinations, offering the perfect blend of sport, culture and entertainment. Currently named ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’,  the resort boasts 45 exceptional holes of golf, with two courses, The Lakes and The Ruins, designed by World Golf Hall of Famer Greg Norman.

Since 2017, it has been the host venue for the European Tour’s Final Qualifying Stage, whilst recently the club also agreed a partnership with the Swiss Golf Association to become the winter training base for the country’s national amateur and professional golf teams in 2021.

Away from the golf courses, the resort offers two state-of-the-art clubhouses and a Toptracer driving range, which allows guests to receive instant shot feedback or compete against friends on interactive courses, as well as an onsite Beach Club with seven swimming pools, three restaurants a beach bar that each provide first-class hospitality, entertainment, and exceptional views across the Mediterranean.

New appointments at Lumine Golf Club

During a period of uncertainty and caution, Lumine has committed its focus on employing exceptional talent, individuals with a proven track record in developing and sustaining first-class golf facilities in Europe, collecting numerous awards and accolades in the process.

The latest of those exciting appointments is Rita Jordao, Sales & Marketing Director, who has joined from PGA Catalunya Resort. Her impressive CV showcases responsibility for leading several high-profile projects across Europe’s top golf organisations, including Quinta do Lago and Your Golf Travel, all of which followed an established career in journalism and communications.

Another new key member of the team is Pablo Guerrero Jaureguizar, Operations Director, who will lead the team in their aspirations on reaching the highest level of service and delivery. Pablo arrives with strong leadership experience after heading up the Golf Operations at one of the most popular clubs on the Costa del Sol – Real Club de Golf Guadalmina.

The appointments follow April’s news that Agustín García Pascual would start as Chief Business Officer, an exciting accompaniment to the company’s change of direction, as they look to focus on the overall growth and integrated management of the resort by repositioning it in the near future as one of Europe’s premium destinations.

Speaking about her new role, Rita Jordao, Marketing and Sales Director – Lumine Golf Club said:I am very excited to have joined Lumine and look forward to helping the company reach the next level of its journey. There is an exciting future planned and working with some of the country’s most professional and outstanding senior managers is going to be very rewarding.”  

Agustin Garcia Pascual, Chief Business Officer - Lumine Golf Club, added: “The recent appointments made by Lumine are a sign of the direction the company is looking to move forward in. They have worked for some of Europe’s largest golfing organisations and we are confident that under their new strategies, Lumine has the ability to become one of Europe’s premium golfing destinations.”

Lumine Golf Club agree partnership with Swiss Golf Association

Lumine Golf Club, Europe’s Best Golf Venue, have agreed an exciting new partnership with the Swiss Golf Association, that will see the club become the winter training base for the country’s national amateur and professional golf teams.

Starting in January 2021, Lumine will play host to Switzerland’s elite golfers for three months and will provide them with the opportunity to train and practice daily on the club’s two top-quality championship courses, The Hills and The Lakes; with the latter designed by World Hall of Famer and golf course designer Greg Norman.

As part of an extensive tender process, the club was chosen ahead of several other European destinations ticking all the boxes the Swiss Golf Association required. It’s short proximity from Switzerland, first-class courses, modern practice facilities, and all-year-round warm climate, provide the national teams with the perfect setting to their improve their game during the winter months.

The association aims to bring Swiss professionals to play successfully on main Golf Tours over the next few years, starting with an extensive winter programme at Lumine. Hosts to the European Tour’s Q School final stages, Swiss players will gain the best possible preparation for the gruelling test they may face later in the year. In recent years, Swiss golfers Mathias Eggenberger, Raphael de Sousa and Perry Cohen have all competed at Lumine just missing out on their tour cards.

As well as its two quality championship courses, Lumine is also home to two state-of-the-art clubhouses, a premium restaurant offering, beach club and a unique nine-hole golf course, The Ruins, as well as a Toptracer driving range.

Barbara Albisetti, Director of Sport at Swiss Golf, saidWe are delighted to have agreed a partnership with Lumine Golf Club to become Swiss Golf winter base for 2021. It is an impressive destination with first-class facilities and it’s everything we need to help our players develop and push them onto the next level. We are really looking forward to the experience and staying at Lumine next winter.”

Andy Gordon, Head of Golf at Lumine Golf Club, addedWe are really excited to welcome a group of highly-talented golfers to the club this Winter. It has been a very strange year for the golf industry, and we hope that this exciting news can help the Swiss Golf Association reach their ambitions, driving a record-number of players to the Q School Final Stages, and hopefully gaining tour card status.”

Professional Swiss Golfer and LET Tour player, Kim Metraux, further stated “I think this partnership is a great opportunity for Swiss players! We have cold and snowy winters which lead to most golf courses being closed for several months. Having the opportunity to come to Lumine and be able to practice outside on the golf course and on the practice facilities instead of working on a simulator will be extremely beneficial and a lot more realistic!

“This will help us develop our games more efficiently which will increase the chances of Swiss players performing at the highest level. My sister and I had already chosen Lumine as a winter practice base when we came several years in December to practice with our coach. I love this golf club and am thrilled that Swiss Golf and Lumine have created this partnership for the Swiss Elite players. I am very much looking forward to coming to Lumine this winter.”

In recent weeks, Metraux has continued to demonstrate her up-and-coming talent on the Ladies European Tour by securing her first three top 30 finishes in consecutive weeks. A tied 11th place finish at the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open was followed by an impressive 3rd place at her home VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open, before finishing her latest event at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France in tied 26th position.

Lumine is also the only golf club in Europe with its own travel agency and aims to provide guests with a first-class service and experience.

It has a number of luxurious golf packages available for spring 2021, starting at €319 per person, including 3 nights bed & breakfast in a 4* hotel, unlimited greenfees at Lumine Golf Club, as well as free warm up balls before each tee time.

Away from the golf courses, the local area offers an array of culture and entertainment, with authentic Spanish restaurants, wine tasting experiences and world heritage sites, including a Roman Amphitheatre, around every corner in the ancient city of Tarragona. Other destinations nearby include Cambrils Marina, the town of Salou, and PortAventura, one of Europe’s most popular theme parks.