Via Natura

Via natura

Via Natura

Located on the Lakes Golf Course and surrounding the wetlands, the Via Natura Community is set in one of the best Nature spaces of the complex. You will be surprised by the architectural style of these dwellings and its relationship with their surroundings and the water. But what you will really like is to find that the buildings are low-rise, which guarantees unimpeded views and reminds you that you are living between Nature and the golf course.


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Exclusive Customized Houses

At LUMINE we want to offer you the possibility of choosing from among different kinds of housing. And we are not just talking about square metres, but of finding that house with which you feel most identified. Do you like the sea? Do you want to be near the golf course? Or do you prefer something looking like a house in the hills? Here you will find all of these.


All the services for your comfort

Down to the smallest detail. At LUMINE we want to take charge of everything, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. And if you need something else, ask for it. We will be delighted to satisfy you.

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